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Smart Faucet: No Batteries Required

smart faucetThe Smart Faucet is a 1.5gpm (gallons per minute) aerator with an antimicrobial handle that controls water flow from the faucet. Water only flows when the handle is depressed, although there is a locking disk for continuous flow when needed.

Installation may require a wrench but is altogether easy and painless.

The Smart Faucet requires no batteries or electricity to control consumption and is produced and packaged in the United States.

The product information touts savings of up to 15,000 gallons when compared with a standard 2.5gpm aerator and the company offers a one-year limited warranty on parts and components.

My old aerator was rated at 2.2gpm and I calculated that washing my face and hands and brushing my teeth twice-a-day uses about 2/3 of a gallon. With the Smart Faucet, I was able to reduce my consumption by half, down to less than a third of a gallon per day.

Until the new model is released, however, I would also like to test the Smart Faucet against plain old 1.0 and 0.5gpm aerators and see how it compares. Watch our Product Reviews section for the big face-off or click here.

Of course the Smart Faucet is a mechanical device and as such is liable to breakage, so the question of durability is an issue. Please write to us if you’ve had any experience, positive or negative, with this gadget.

According to Alex Shane of Smart Gadgets Inc., the company is planning to release a new chrome plated brass model with a 1.0gpm aerator.

This product was bought and paid for by meĀ and the opinions expressed herein are my own and were not solicited by Smart Faucet.

  • Cost: $16.95 + tax & shipping, bulk discounts available
  • My Payback: 3.75 years

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