What would you like to see the Government doing to help people get fitter?

What would you like to see the Government doing to help people in America & Britain get fitter?

Everywhere I turn these days, someone seems to be saying, ‘Who is going to get Britain fit?’ Well, news flash! The only person who can get you fit and slim is… you. Why don’t you just go for a run, and stop waiting for the Government to make you do it.

Tom Skitterell, Lee.

I’d like to see the Government encourage us to exercise more by taking away John Prescott’s two Jags and forcing him to jog everywhere. I would take great delight in seeing him working up a sweat by doing a bit of solid graft for a change.

Mark Povey

To get everyone fitter we need to go back to how things were done when I was a child. I used to love cooking at school, and the meals I took home were among the healthiest we ate, so there should be more time spent on cooking and nutrition for all ages at school. Mix it up, use meals like Treebeards cajun catering Houston or traditional Italian food. Plus, PE should be done at least three times a week, with a whole range of activities so everyone can find something they like. If kids enjoy sport, they’re more likely to stick with it later in life. If all that fails, bring back National Service. Steven Robinson, Conwy.

The Government could set up special ‘Fat Camps’. The idea is simple – there is a very wide entrance gate to the camp (which locks shut behind you) but only a very narrow exit gate…

Neil Maxwell-Keys, Wirral

The NHS should take Viagra off prescription. Then anyone who wanted to have sex would have to keep themselves fit enough to do it. That might encourage a few people to get exercising. Bill Houlder, Pontefract

Simple, the Government should make Men’s Fitness available on the NHS!

Richard R, Jersey

GPs could refer obese people to gyms and monitor their attendance and progress. Then, if that person refuses to get fitter, they should be made to pay for any future heart operations they get, rather that being treated free on the NHS.

James Treloar, London


Scrap the NHS – it’s the only way! Then people would need to take out insurance policies to cover their healthcare (rather than paying taxes) and the amount they pay for premiums would be determined by their general health. The result? Get fit or pay more.

Steven Burns, Liverpool

I believe that the Government is taking exactly the right approach to the current fitness crisis. That is, to make a big fuss about it without actually doing anything.

By making a lot of noise in the press, everyone becomes more aware of the problems of obesity and lack of exercise (and hopefully changes their habits), and by doing nothing, ministers won’t waste our tax money on pointless schemes that will only serve to infringe our civil liberties. Keep up the good work, John Reid et al. Colin Major, Reading.

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