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Carpet Flor Tiles Make Carpeting Easy!

Flor carpet tilesWhen it comes time to re-carpet your home, a vacant unit or your association’s gym, club house or recreation room, one product worth considering is Flor carpet tiles.

While the name Flor, a division of Interface, may seem foreign to most DIYers, you’ve probably been walking on Interface products for years without realizing it.

Prior to developing their residential Flor brand tiles, Interface was a premiere provider of commercial carpet tiles for corporate, government, healthcare and retail settings.

Flor carpet tiles come in a variety of colors and price points, but the truth is they are not as inexpensive as apartment grade carpeting and probably never will be.

They also don’t work on stairs.

I was lucky enough to be told about these by a friend who owns a property management firm in Kuwait of all places, so he goes through a LOT of carpet! And yes, Flor has shipping to Kuwait or anywhere else in the world you need some carpet tiles.

For those of you still reading this review, here’s why I install Flor carpet tiles in my home:

*Only worn out or stained beyond cleaning tiles are replaced

*Tiles can be picked up and cleaned in the sink, no carpet cleaning service needed

*Installation is simple, no backing, glues or nails required

*Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) — the smelly stuff

*High recycled content

*Primarily manufactured in the US

*They have a return and recycle program, so I can send old carpet tiles back to the company and they will turn them into carpeting again. This is known as a closed-loop system – the best kind.

The real beauty in these are the convenience of laying the tiles. Because each tile is the size of a normal tile, 12×12, and because there is no bonding materials like glue, if any tile gets damaged and can’t be cleaned or fixed, you simply pop out the bad tile and pop in a new one!

That’s all there is to it.

Think about it this way. Say you have two living rooms. One has regular carpet, the other has these Flor tiles. Now say each sustains a large stain right in the middle of the carpet.

With carpet one, you have no choice but to replace the entire carpet with quite a large cash out lay.

Option two, you just need to replace the stained tiles. Even if it is 4 or 6 tiles, which do you think is FAR more expensive? Replacing an entire carpet or a few carpet tiles?

And with a regular carpet, you need padding and a nail boarder. You need neither with these Flor tiles!

There are just too many benefits in using these. Definitely a must see option!

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