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Feeling Good

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Good news for single women and divorced men: you may be fitter than your married friends, according to a recently published, three-year study of 8,88o adults in Dallas, Texas.

Researchers found that both men and women experienced a dip in cardiovascular fitness levels after they got married.

However, fitness levels increased in women who remained single and men who got divorced. Perhaps singles have a much more active lifestyle than their married counterparts?

Time to invest in that joint gym membership, perhaps? Also, you can find information about what is paleo diet on internet which can be very helpful.

Sporty spice

If you find your muscles ache for a long time after exercise, try eating more ginger. Used as a form of pain relief in eastern medicine, a US study has shown the spice to be effective at reducing muscle pain after exercise.

Researchers in Georgia gave participants 2g of raw or heated ginger (click here), then gave them exercise M-to do that led to muscle inflammation. They for feeling good then compared to a placebo, the participants who took ginger reported less pain 24 hours after completing the exercises.


The speed at which older people walk could be a useful predictor of how long they might live.

US researchers found that in an analysis of almost 34,50q men and women over 65, those who walked faster than 4/4 miles an hour tended to live longer than expected. So you’re never too young to get out your pedometer and start reaping the benefits.

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