Decorating the Guest Room/Office for Easter

easter decor for bedroomIf you have guests coming for Easter, start planning now for decorating the room so that it is both functional and festive.

The ideas below will get you started on creating a space that works for both your office and your guests.

Crisp Colors

The easiest and most effective way to spruce up the room for guests and the Easter holiday is to infuse some fun, spring colors into the mix. There are the usual pastels that will help to get you in the spirit of things, but there are also brighter colors that you may want to use instead.

A cheerful yellow combined with a brilliant white is a beautiful way to bring out the colors of spring while also maintaining a sense of style and class.

Teal blue paired with a chocolate brown is also another color combination that will work well in both an office and guest room setting. Remember that the key to decorating for Easter is also to make the space look as natural as possible. While a pastel can transition into late spring and early summer, a bold, bunny print fabric will go quickly out of season.


Forget vases of fresh cut flowers when it comes to decorating your home office/guest room. The flowers will quickly fade, your busy lifestyle will take over, and the vase will never get refilled.

Instead, decorate by adding a potted plant or arrangement to your desk, the bedside table or wherever there is a flat, smooth, wide surface. Cactus work great because they need so little care, or any plants that grow in the desert.

You can make the basket or container festive by adding a seasonal bow or floral pick. A quick trip to the craft store will yield a great many results for such floral decorations.


While the majority of the fabric should be a solid or lightly patterned neutral, the curtains are one easy area that you can spruce up with a decorative curtain. You may opt to keep your heavy, light-blocking curtains, but replace the sheer curtain beneath with a handmade Easter one.

A cute Easter fabric can be cut to length and width, hemmed, and folded down to create a simple pocket curtain. Slide the curtain rod through the pocket and you will be ready to go.

Change the curtains as the seasons or holidays change, but be sure to store them away so that they can be used the following year.

Finding ways to decorate the multi-use space can be especially challenging when you are in the middle of working or preparing for guests. If you start thinking ahead about easy ways that you can make a big difference in your room’s decor, you will find that decorating becomes a breeze.

And don’t forget, these tips can be applied to any room at any time. Even if you’re house staging a seasonal or holiday spruce up can help make a house stand out according to we buy houses Houston.

Your room will look festive and you will not have to spend days trying to get it ready for guests.

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